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Exciting Fishing Action; Jacksonville Report by Captain Kirk Waltz

Sept 2019

The fishing offshore is beginning to wind down but, when our winds calm it should really be good. Summer temperatures have begun to finally change and the mullet which have been holed up in the shallow creeks and flats are moving in big numbers.  Bait pods are moving in from the North with scores of big predators in abundant supply feeding on them. Inshore reds, tarpon are hanging around the big rocks feeding on everything.Kings, sharks, big jacks, and tarpon are on the beach and around the shrimp boats.

The big rocks are producing reds, oversized reds, jacks and some small tarpon are being  caught in good calm conditions. It's a great time to get out and wet a line. The weather is nice, and the fishing is exciting. Good numbers of quality eating fish are available to take some home for the dinner table. The !st little trickle of NE wind flow has the fish feeding before the big move south. Bull reds have begun their spawn cycle and have moved in from offshore in huge numbers to spawn on the next moon phase and will until cool water pushes them out sometime early November.

The offshore fishing action will produce with kings, tunny, cudas, and sharks when winds allow. Snapper, sea bass,ringtails, and other bottom fish are available on the area reefs. Good numbers of bait equals good numbers of opportunity.  If the warm trend continues it will only increase the chance at some migrating fish beginning their push southward. You can't catch them sitting on the couch! There'll be lots of good action in the weeks to come. Come on out and let's catch some big whoppers! Check out our Facebook and Instagram posts to see recent catches and reviews at Enterprise Fishing Charters.