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Jacksonville Report by Captain Kirk Waltz


The fall is fast approaching and you can feel it in the subtle east breeze that is prevailing our weather patterns. The subtle weather changes ie, east winds, falling water temperatures, and our outside temperatures not blazing hot mean the migration has started. Baitfish are pouring down the coast both inshore and offshore. Mullet, pogies, greenies, cigar minnows and sardines are beginning the southern migration. This means all the predators are on the move with them.Bull Redfish are pushing into the inlets to spawn. Big jacks, tarpon, and sharks are hard at the bait and busting them up . Everthing is looking for a big meal ticket and it can be an awesome time to get on the water. Black drum, sheepshead, flounder and a bunch I haven't mentioned will fatten up. You can't catch them sitting on the couch! There'll be lots of good action in the weeks to come. Come on out and let's catch some big whoppers! Check out our Facebook and Instagram posts to see recent catches and reviews at Enterprise Fishing Charters.