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Exciting Fishing Action; Jacksonville Report by Captain Kirk Waltz

Nov/Dec 2019

The fishing transition is beginning to go into overdrive, cooler temps mean the fish begin to bunch up and it should really be good. Winter temperatures have begun to finally change and the mullet which have been holed up in the shallow creeks and flats are moving in big numbers. The water temperature changes have had a big positive effect and scores of sheepshead, trout, ringtails, drum, and redfish are fattening up for the winter months to come.. Inshore further into the shallow creeks and flats scores of trout and reds will get tight feeding enmasse.

The big rocks are producing reds, oversized reds, sheepshead, black drum and trout which we are catching on live shrimp, cut mullet/crab and fiddlers in good calm conditions. It's a great time to get out and wet a line. The weather is nice, and the fishing is exciting. Good numbers of quality eating fish are available to take some home for the dinner table. The !st little trickle of NE wind flow has the fish feeding.

The offshore fishing action will produce with the right conditions good numbers of seabass, triggers, red snapper, and some cobia when winds allow.  You can't catch them sitting on the couch! There'll be lots of good action in the weeks to come. Come on out and let's catch some big whoppers! Check out our Facebook and Instagram posts to see recent catches and reviews at Enterprise Fishing Charters.